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Fatah vows to continue intifada

Fatah vows to continue intifada
By Margot Dudkevitch

JERUSALEM (January 5) - Fatah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad vowed yesterday to continue the intifada until Jews are expelled from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, despite the progress reported in peace efforts.

”The intifada is the strategic tool of the Palestinian people who seek sovereignty over all occupied areas,” one Fatah official said on Israel Radio.

However, there was a noticeable decrease in shooting incidents in the West Bank and Gaza yesterday, although Palestinian security forces were placed on high alert following gun battles between Palestinians and IDF soldiers near Netzarim in Gaza and Beituniya in the West Bank, on Wednesday night and early yesterday morning.

According to Palestinian reports, soldiers took over a Palestinian Force 17 outpost near Beituniya, in the Ramallah area, that had been deserted by Palestinian security forces during shootings in which two Palestinian security officials were injured.

Shots were fired at an IDF patrol north of Nahal Oz near the border fence yesterday morning, causing no injuries.

A two-hour gun battle ensued in the Tulkarm area at noontime, after Palestinian policemen shot at army positions west of the city, in the Israeli-controlled industrial zone. The were no casualties.

Palestinians also opened fire at an IDF patrol near the village Harbata north of Beit Horon yesterday afternoon.

Near Hizme, Palestinians stoned residents of Ofra as they marched towards the capital yesterday afternoon. Soldiers dispersed the stone-throwers.

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