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Arafat says peace talks will continue

Arafat says peace talks will continue under Bush
By Lamia Lahoud

JERUSALEM (January 7) - Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat said yesterday that peace negotiations with Israel will continue after US President-elect George W. Bush takes office.

”The Palestinians will continue with the same momentum, with the new American administration,” Arafat said after meeting Oman’s Sultan Qaboos.

Gaza Preventive Security Service chief Mohammed Dahlan may refuse to attend a security meeting today with CIA chief George Tennet Minister of Tourism and Infrastructure Amnon Lipkin-Shahak and the head of Egyptian intelligence in Cairo, in protest at the continuing Israeli closure of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Dahlan told reporters in Gaza on Friday that he saw it as inappropriate for him to travel to the meeting in Cairo while Israel is imposing a siege on the Palestinian areas and dividing the Gaza Strip with military checkpoints.

West Bank Preventive Security Service chief Jibril Rajoub and Palestinian Intelligence chief Amin al Hindi will attend the meeting, at which the sides will try to find ways to reduce the violence and implement the Sharm e-Sheikh understandings.

Dahlan said there will be no security cooperation, until Israel fulfills its part of the agreement.

(News agencies contributed to this report)

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