Theologica Germanica

Chapter 48

How we must believe certain Things of God’s Truth beforehand, ere we can come to a true Knowledge and Experience thereof.

Christ said, ’He that believeth not,’ or will not or cannot believe, ’shall be damned.’ It is so of a truth; for a man, while he is in this present time, hath not knowledge; and he cannot attain unto it, unless he first believe. And he who would know before he believeth, cometh never to true knowledge. We speak not here of the articles of the Christian faith, for every one believeth them, and they are common to every Christian man, whether he be sinful or saved, good or wicked; and they must be believed in the first place, for without that, one cannot come to know them. But we are speaking of a certain Truth which it is possible to know by experience, but which ye must believe in, before that ye know it by experience, else ye will never come to know it truly. This is the faith of which Christ speaketh in that saying of His.

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